1:30pm – 5:30pm


Customer Service in Government: Aggressive and Defiant Behaviors

Facilitator: Jesse Stanley

It’s just a fact, people can be challenging – they can escalate, they use disruptive behaviors. Your team’s response to these challenges impacts reputations, how others experience your organization, and safety for everyone involved.

While some organizations continue to ignore this challenge or leave it to employees to figure out, (smart) leaders are helping their employees face this challenge and understand what it means to successfully address disruptive behaviors.

This session is designed to give leaders a unique insight into the challenge of disruptive behaviors and how they can lead their teams to meet it.


Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

Facilitator: Reggie Hosey

There is a lot of buzz around the topic of emotional intelligence in the workplace and how it plays a critical role in higher productivity, job performance, decision-making, and building relationships.

Have you noticed that leaders who have a high level of emotional intelligence are more confident, calm under pressure, and have the ability to remain focused when workplace issues arise?

In this course, we will explore how to understand, respect, enhance, and increase your emotional intelligence as a leader through the lens of a human resources executive.


How to Move from Opposition to Agreement

**Certified Executive Leaders (ELA Alumni) ONLY**

Facilitator:  Don Levonius

If an organization never experiences conflict, something is wrong. Conflict is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be counterproductive, and it should never be destructive.

This program will examine the origins of interpersonal conflict, help you identify your conflict response and resolution styles, and introduce techniques to help you manage conflict more effectively. The key leadership competencies that will be offered will be the ability to examine the origins of conflict, identify barriers that hinder resolution efforts, reduce resistance, and build consensus.


1:00pm – 5:00pm


Motivating Employees

Facilitator: J. Lenora Bresler

Participants discuss the importance of motivation and why demographic changes in the workplace have made the old-school, military, hierarchical style generally unpopular. 

Participants learn that most employees prefer a supervisor who is a coach or a developer of their talent. 

Participants explore the meaning of being a “coach.” 

Participants play a Family Feud-style game in which they identify the top seven things American workers want out of their jobs according to a recent survey. 

Participants then learn and practice ways to provide employees with what they claim they want, particularly how to help employees have job satisfaction by identifying clearly and often how the employee’s job is impacting the organizational goals and the end user and by promoting the use of an employee’s skills and abilities in their job.


Executive Leadership Panel with the Invaluable Laws of Growth

Facilitator: Don Levonius

In this engaging session, participants will have the opportunity to hear from executive leaders from across the State of Florida on their leadership principles, challenges, opportunities and managing through adversity.

Then, this session will transition into how to achieve your personal and professional potential. Everyone wants to grow personally and professionally, but many people struggle to make that desire a reality because they simply do not know where to begin.

We have good news for you! Leadership guru John C. Maxwell identified laws of growth guaranteed to help you realize your potential. The key leadership competencies that will be offered will be balancing work priorities with personal commitments. Additionally, demonstrating self-awareness and taking initiative to improve as a leader.


8:00am – 12:00pm


Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn

Facilitator: Don Levonius

How do you learn from life lessons from your losses? Everyone faces setbacks, both personally and professionally. While setbacks often feel like losses, they are also opportunities to learn valuable life lessons.

Based on principles from John C. Maxwell’s book by the same title, this program includes self-assessments, small group discussions, group activities, and other real-world applications that will help you adopt the right mindset to learn from adversity, get back on track, and turn your next setback into a leap forward.

The key leadership competencies that will be offered will be the ability to demonstrate self-awareness and composure under pressure.  In addition to discussing strategies to overcome adversity by maintaining a strategic perspective.




J. Lenora Bresler

A Nationally Acclaimed Leadership speaker, Author, Trainer, and Coach

Graduating from law school at age 20, J. Lenora Bresler is a nationally acclaimed leadership speaker, author, trainer, and coach.

The author of several books, including Instant Insight: 15 Questions to Great Relationships, J. Lenora is on a mission to eradicate unnecessary stress and unpleasantness from the American workplace. She works with organizations to create the best leaders, teams, and relationships on earth.

J. Lenora holds the two highest credentials in the human resources field, the SHRM-SCP and the SPHR, and the highest earned designation in the speaking field, the coveted Certified Speaking Professional, held by fewer than 800 people worldwide.

J. Lenora has been a trial lawyer, a symphony orchestra executive director, a newspaper columnist, a freelance magazine writer, and a talk show radio host. In addition to being the president of Bresler Training, LLC., J. Lenora operates the unique party business, Victorian Teas by J. Lenora, and is a financial advisor with Primerica.

A guarantee of any interaction with J. Lenora is “She’s never boring.”

Don Levonius

Professional Consultant, Trainer and National Public Speaker

As a professional consultant, trainer, and national public speaker, Don Levonius draws on over 17 years of leadership experience.

During that time, he has led corporate training for 23 Disney hotels, 200 retail and dining locations, a large transportation system, a security division, an international college internship program and a global professional association. Don has also taught organizational communication and security management for University of Central Florida and Lake-Sumter State College.

Don dedicated his early years to managing corporate security departments and worked as a regional manager of loss prevention and fraud investigations for The Disney Company. On the day that redefined corporate risk, 9/11/2001, Don was asked to help create and lead Disney Security Training Institute in an effort to help the company combat the emerging threat of terrorism.

In 2009, Don left Disney and founded his own consulting firm which then provided learning solutions for a number of well-renowned organizations. Today he is a Principal Consultant with Victory Performance Consulting, where he specializes in human performance and leadership development to help organizations and leaders do what they do best – only better.

Don holds master’s degrees in human resource development and business & organizational security management, and certifications from several prominent leadership development organizations. He resides in Central Florida.

Reggie Hosey

Law Enforcement and Human Resources Professional, and U.S. Army Medical Service Corps. Retired Captain

Major Reginald O. Hosey has been employed with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Orlando, Florida since 1997 and is an instructor with Valencia College Professional and Continuing Education leadership programs.

His law enforcement career has included assignments in Special Operations; Uniform Patrol; Criminal Investigations; and Court Security. Major Hosey is currently commanding the Human Resources Division overseeing all aspects of human resources for more than 2,300 active employees and their dependents. The Human Resources Division has over 100 employees in such functions as EEO Compliance; Recruiting; Staffing; Background Investigations; Classification and Compensation; Benefits Administration; Labor Relations, and Training and Development.

Additionally, Major Hosey oversees the agency’s collective bargaining process for two unions representing sworn and civilian employees.

Major Hosey served as a Non-Commissioned Officer and a Commissioned Officer in the United States Army. Major Hosey retired from The United States Army Reserve in 2014 after 25 years of service, retiring as a Captain in the Medical Service Corps.

Jesse Stanley

Innovator, Content Developer and Speaker, and Former Security Senior Management

An innovator, Jesse’s distinctive background helps others protect what matters most. Before founding Strongside Principles in 2009, he served Disney in security senior management for a decade and directed asset protection teams across the U.S.

Over three decades, Jesse has developed innovative strategies, led projects, and created training programs. He focuses on assessing and impacting behavior and is accomplished in the areas of leadership, interviewing, and security.

As a successful content developer and speaker, his content is licensed to the largest and best-known companies in the world and has spoken to distinguished audiences including Fortune 100 companies, local, state, and federal government agencies, and industry trade associations.

Jesse is also an Adjunct Instructor for Valencia College Professional and Continuing Education for since 2017. Jesse holds an Economics degree and is designated as both a Certified Protection Professional by ASIS and a Certified Forensic Interviewer by IAI.