1:00pm – 5:00pm


Generations in the Workplace

Facilitator: Anna Saintil

Generations in the Workplace is built on the premise that it’s time to debunk the myths and take full advantage of the unique strengths, talents and experience each individual has to offer – regardless of age.

The purpose of this workshop is to expose participants to common age-related stereotypes and develop practices that promote collaboration across generational groups, ultimately reducing age-related conflict. Generations in the Workplace provides leaders at all levels, as well as, provides individual contributors, with a research-based framework and best practices required to capitalize on age diversity.

This intensive 4-hour program, Generations in the Workplace focuses on the key practices for eliminating age-based and typical generational stereotypes for leaders from their work teams.



Facilitator: J. Lenora Bresler

An effective leader in today’s workplace should also be a skilled coach for their team. Coaching session participants will learn and be able to apply the fundamental skills of motivating employees, setting clear expectations, and providing effective feedback.

Feedback is essential in any work environment, yet most feedback given in today’s organizations is not effective and results-oriented. Participants learn the CAR (context, action, result) method for providing specific, timely, and legally defensible positive and constructive feedback and evaluations. They also learn how to engage team members in discussions to enhance their critical thinking skills.

In addition, they have the opportunity to participate in four exercises to practice their coaching skills while in this session:

  1. Participants correct positive feedback examples
  2. Participants correct constructive feedback examples
  3. Participants identify two things about specific employees that are worthy of praise and practice a verbal feedback.
  4. Participants then identify a real-life performance issue and practice providing constructive feedback and receiving feedback.

Recognition is a huge motivator for most employees. Participants will learn and practice a variety of simple, inexpensive ways to motivate employees based on their individual recognition preferences.


Strategic Planning and Goal Setting

**Certified Executive Leaders (ELA Alumni) ONLY**

Facilitator:  Don Levonius

Without strategies, goals, and plans leaders wonder and organizations wander. Successful leaders are intentional. They plan and execute with purpose.

If you want to steer your organization in the right direction you must be conscious of its values, clear about its vision, and candid about its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Through organizational assessments, case studies, and other hands-on applications, this program will help you identify your organization’s values and vision, analyze its current situation, develop strategic goals, and create an action plan for achieving those goals.

Want to move your organization from where it is to where it wants to be? This program is for you!


1:00pm – 5:00pm


On Your Mark, Get Set, Supervise!

Facilitator: Wes Tindal

This 4-hour interactive session will help you supercharge your supervisory skills!  For the supervisor just starting out or those looking to enhance their skill set, this workshop will help you become the leader that others want to emulate. 

Learn how to fine-tune your talents while better understanding how to communicate and manage those individuals who were your peers yesterday but your direct reports today! 

Add leadership techniques to your tool belt while gaining insight on how to collaborate with your peers and managers to become that superhero supervisor you have always wanted to be!    


Communicating for Results

Facilitator: Don Levonius

When people get disruptive in the workplace, how employees respond significantly impacts personal safety, employee and customer satisfaction, brand reputation, and financial results. So, what can you do about it? This program will help you understand a range of disruptive behaviors (from rudeness to extreme violence), manage unproductive emotions, apply constructive communication tactics, de-escalate volatile situations, and gain strategic influence over the behavior of others.

Want to learn how to turn disruptive situations around? This program is for you!


8:00am – 12:00pm


Creativity and Innovation

Facilitator: J. Lenora Bresler

Everyone in an organization should have the ability to be a problem-solver and think creatively within the scope of their role. The ability to be innovative is an essential trait that has the most direct impact on the strategic goals of any organization. Change is the new normal as we have all witnessed over the past few years. The only way to remain competitive and relevant is to think and act strategically as a team or organization. This session will help give you the some of the tools and resources to be able to envision creative processes, different products and services, and processes.

Taking our cue from history, modern business successes, and behavioral science, this session is a walk on the creative side. This session will inspire leaders on all levels and in all departments to engage in a new way of thinking!




J. Lenora Bresler

A nationally acclaimed leadership speaker, author, trainer, and coach.

Graduating from law school at age 20, J. Lenora Bresler is a nationally acclaimed leadership speaker, author, trainer, and coach. The author of several books, including Instant Insight: 15 Questions to Great Relationships, J. Lenora is on a mission to eradicate unnecessary stress and unpleasantness from the American workplace.

She works with organizations to create the best leaders, teams, and relationships on earth. J. Lenora holds the two highest credentials in the human resources field, the SHRM-SCP and the SPHR, and the highest earned designation in the speaking field, the coveted Certified Speaking Professional, held by fewer than 800 people worldwide. J. Lenora has been a trial lawyer, a symphony orchestra executive director, a newspaper columnist, a freelance magazine writer, and a talk show radio host.

In addition to being the president of Bresler Training, LLC., J. Lenora operates the unique party business, Victorian Teas by J. Lenora, and is a financial advisor with Primerica. A guarantee of any interaction with J. Lenora is “She’s never boring.”

Don Levonius

Professional Consultant, Trainer & National Public Speaker

As a professional consultant, trainer, and national public speaker, Don Levonius draws on over 17 years of leadership experience.

During that time, he has led corporate training for 23 Disney hotels, 200 retail and dining locations, a large transportation system, a security division, an international college internship program and a global professional association. Don has also taught organizational communication and security management for University of Central Florida and Lake-Sumter State College.

Don dedicated his early years to managing corporate security departments and worked as a regional manager of loss prevention and fraud investigations for The Disney Company. On the day that redefined corporate risk, 9/11/2001, Don was asked to help create and lead Disney Security Training Institute in an effort to help the company combat the emerging threat of terrorism.

In 2009, Don left Disney and founded his own consulting firm which then provided learning solutions for a number of well-renowned organizations. Today he is a Principal Consultant with Victory Performance Consulting, where he specializes in human performance and leadership development to help organizations and leaders do what they do best – only better.

Don holds master’s degrees in human resource development and business & organizational security management, and certifications from several prominent leadership development organizations. He resides in Central Florida.

Anna Saintil

A scholar and practitioner in dispute resolution (mediator and arbitrator).

A scholar and practitioner in dispute resolution (mediator and arbitrator). Anna Saintil is an educator in the K-12 and post-secondary arena. Anna is a certified Florida Supreme Court Mediator in the areas of Circuit Civil, Appellate, County and Family. She is also a Florida Supreme Court Qualified Arbitrator.

Anna is actively involved with the Florida Department of Education IDEA and the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Florida Courts system. Her extensive experiences as a dispute resolution professional and advanced training in conflict navigation, has allowed Anna to develop and present various training programs. Anna’s greatest desire is to share her knowledge, skills and experience with others in learning communities and the workplace industry.

Her areas of specializations are training and facilitation, mentoring and coaching, relationship management, leadership development and career pathing. Anna earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in marketing from Bethune Cookman University, a master’s degree in education and a post-graduate certificate in conflict resolution analysis from the University of Central Florida. Anna’s academic areas of interest lie primarily in the field of education, with an emphasis on curriculum and instruction, and student engagement/retention. Anna is a certified Myers Briggs Type Indicator Practitioner and certified True Colors facilitator.

Wes Tindal

knowledge of and experience in the service industry, along with his love for teaching, allows for a dynamic combination in the classroom.

Wes’s knowledge of and experience in the service industry, along with his love for teaching, allows for a dynamic combination in the classroom.  His goal has always been to motivate his learners and enrich their professional lives.  Throughout his career, Wes has developed a broad range of training and facilitation skills.  He has applied a variety of blended learning styles to deliver interesting and engaging workshops. 

Wes has designed learning programs for both front line teams, as well as management level executives.  Wes’s career, spanning over 40 years in both corporate America and academia, has been as a service professional in a variety of industries including travel, hospitality, and tourism. He has been instrumental in overseeing the development and implementation of new product lines, software and technology while working as project manager for various initiatives. Wes continues to manage ongoing relationships with both internal and external customers through his role as Chief Operating Officer of the National Customer Service Association.

In his current role with Valencia, Wes provides instruction for a variety of programs through the Global and Continuing Education department. Most recently he has developed and facilitated both a Business Management and Leadership program for international students who attend classes through an arrangement with Walt Disney World. Wes’s greatest desire is to share his knowledge, skills, and experience with others.

His strengths include communicating with tact and diplomacy, not only in the classroom but also with all levels of an organization. He has provided leadership and career pathing support in developing highly motivated and engaged teams.